8th January 2002 - added a POW!

9th January 2002 - added new article (thanks Sativa) on the Articles On Judd page ... also added a few more details to Stage Performances and split the Past Pics Of The Week pages down into more manageable sizes.

17th January 2002 - added a 'Wallpapers' link and added two or three to download.

23rd January 2002 - added media clip from the Regis & Kelly interview.

31st January 2002 - added a Chat Room feature ... due to requests! and new POW's.

12th February 2002 - added POW plus added more details to Deceived and Falcon Down on the Filmography page.

19th February 2002 - revamped the 'Media Clips' section of the site ... I now have room to house a number of clips there so more will follow.

25th February 2002 - updated TV Filmography.

3rd March 2002 - added POW!

22nd March 2002 - added POW!

10th April 2002 - added Picture Set from Cabin By The Lake from USA Network and added five more media clips plus a new POW!

12th April 2002 - updated details and links for the film Deceived thanks to Melisa Richter!

23rd April 2002 - added POW and also second part of the Regis & Kelly interview for Jessica :-)

6th May 2002 - added POW!

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13th August 2002 - added another Fanfic from Anna :-)

20th August 2002 - added a 'Judd Nelson Through The Years' music media clip (link found on the home page and also the media clips page) and a new CBTL clip on the 'media clips' page!

22nd August 2002 - added fandango's Fanfic!

23rd August 2002 - added more of fandango's Fanfic and also the first chapter of the long awaited Fanfic from Vermillion Pogrom!

23rd August 2002 - added another Fanfic by Anna! and a POW!

25th August 2002 - added a Yahoo Group for the Judd Nelson FanFic ... links to archived stories will be listed on the FanFic page too by request!

28th August 2002 - added another CBTL media clip by request!

10th September 2002 - added POW and listed new film (no other details known at this time)!

12th September 2002 - added another media clip from The Dark Backward by request of fandango!

25th September 2002 - added POW!

2nd October 2002 - added another media clip called 'More Suddenly Susan' by request!

20th October 2002 - added POW!

22nd October 2002 - added POW of the new soon to be released Santa Jr and added full details on the film to the Filmography!

1st November 2002 - added new style forum and guestbook ... found via the Home Page!

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17th December 2002 - added media clip from 'Fandango' ... for fandango!!

23rd December 2002 - added POW! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all :-)))))))))

24th December 2002 - added media clip from 'Tales From The Crypt' and I am now on holiday ... YES!!!!!!! :-)

30th December 2002 - added 'facts and trivia on TBC' on the 'Articles on Judd' page!

7th January 2003 - added POW!

15th January 2003 - added POW!

23rd January 2003 - added POW!

1st February 2003 - added pic set from Asylum by request :-) and also added a 'Search The Judd Nelson Web Site' feature ... the site has been getting increasingly larger so this may help you find something specific!

11th February 2003 - added POW!

20th February 2003 - added three more Wallpapers!

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26th February 2003 - added POW! also added new improved search tool for the site and the web found via the home page!

6th March 2003 - added POW!

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4th April 2003 - added POW! and updated TV & Filmography pages!

9th April 2003 - added POW! VERY nice ;-) and there is a very recent article on Judd found on the 'Articles on Judd' page ... thanks to The Judd Oracle for the magazine :-)))))))))

28th April 2003 - added POW and details for The Lost Angel!

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4th June 2003 - added POW!

10th June 2003 - added some video captures of Cybermutt on the 'Picture Sets' page. Huge thanks go to Cecilia for getting me a copy of the film ... cyber hugs Cecilia :-)))

24th June 2003 - added video captures from The Dark Backward on the 'Picture Sets' page especially for Caitlin!

1st July 2003 - added POW!

15th July 2003 - added pic set from Every Breath on the 'Picture Sets' page especially for Maria!

24th July 2003 - added POW!

31st July 2003 - updated Filmography ... thanks to my good friend for the heads up :-)

11th August 2003 - added new interview to the 'Articles on Judd' page and a new POW (sorry Caitlin ... not a pic set I know .. still really busy :-( but it's *a* picture of Making the Grade)!

21st August 2003 - added POW!

4th September 2003 - added pic set from RTCBTL and new POW ... huge thanks to Bethy for the great caps :-)

5th September 2003 - updated the 'Stage Performances' page! thanks to TJO for the heads up :-)

16th September - added pic set from Circumstances Unknown ... big hugs to Cecilia for the great caps from her fave film :-)

24th September 2003 - added POW! Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Bethy and Cecilia again who have been very generous and supplied me with *stacks* of pics for the site ... which will be added in the coming months! This has come at a time in my life when I'm finding I need at least 48 hours in each day ;-) so big big thanks to you both ... the timing couldn't have been better :-))))

7th October 2003 - added POW! thanks Cecilia :-)

11th October 2003 - the media and sound clips are now back online and the forum and guestbook are now back ... new and improved ... just like the washing powder adverts <G>! Sorry all the old entries have been lost but that was beyond my control!

27th October 2003 - new POW's and Filmography updated ... huge thanks to Cecilia :-)

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