To view Judd Nelson Media Clips click on the link below ... it will take you to an external site I have created for this purpose. Some of the clips are quite large so be prepared to wait on the download!!

Judd Nelson Media Clips


 / blindfold acts of obsession / tales from the crypt / through the ages / fandango / suddenly susan / the dark backward / cabin by the lake / falcon down / regis & kelly / dark asylum / return to cabin by the lake / primary motive / relentless / from the hip / conflict of interest / mr rock n' roll / spin & marty / hiroshima out of the ashes / relentless / circumstances unknown / entangled / steel / new jack city / st elmos fire / the breakfast club /

Big thanks go to Elspeth who has prevented me from going more insane than I already am ... she's a real angel! ;-) and of course Sabine who's always such a good friend and sounding board when I get the urge to attack the computer with a hammer ... a *big* hammer!