3rd January 2001 - added POW.

17th January 2001 - added POW and an 'Article On Judd' (thanks James) and updated the 'Filmography' page (thanks Judd fan).

1st February 2001 - added Strange Frequency to TV shows link (thanks James) and added a link to the Articles on Judd link (thanks Judd fan and Emily) and added a POW.

14th February 2001 - Happy Valentines Day :-) added POW (thanks Emily).

15th February 2001 - added screensavers feature.

21st February 2001 - added another screensaver and a two new links on the TV Shows page.

1st March 2001 - added POW and new 'Article On Judd'.

14th March 2001 - added POW.

28th March 2001 - added POW.

9th April 2001 - added screensavers feature with a new programme which is easier to use. More will follow.

20th April 2001 - added TBC screensaver.

4th May 2001 - OK complete revamp of the site which means it should load a little faster now plus added a media clips page .. more will follow. There's also a new POW and a couple more sound clips and Judd articles. Also the TV Shows and Filmography have new stuff.

21st May 2001 - added POW.

5th June 2001 - added POW.

18th June 2001 - added POW plus a 'Tell a Friend' feature which a couple of the visitors suggest I get.

21st June 2001 - added another Judd article thanks to another Judd fan and also added details on Judd's upcoming stage performance.

21st June 2001 - Also added TV search links for fans living in the UK and the US .. if you want me to add your country and you know of a good Internet site that offers this sort of service then let me know and I'll add it. These links can be found on the 'Filmography' and 'TV Shows' pages.

28th June 2001 - added another media clip .. all media clips will now be stored on a seperate site because of the sheer size of the files (for this reason only one or two will be stored at any one time) .. be warned they will take a little time to load. Once I figure a way of speeding the loading time up then I'll do it.

6th July 2001 - added POW.

17th July 2001 - added POW.

25th July 2001 - added a Judd Nelson Notice Board .. the latest news on projects and what he's doing on a professional basis will be posted here. I needed some sort of page for this sort of information because some details can get lost in the site now it's getting bigger! I know from emails that some visitors like to read the Guestbook but don't feel able to post and this is a similar sort of thing .. so please do what feels comfortable .. to post or not to post is entirely up to you :-)))))

30th July 2001 - updated Filmography.

4th August 2001 - added a *very* new up to the minute POW ... thanks to a good friend!!!

12th August 2001 - added new article on Judd called TV Guide Ultimate Cable.

22nd August 2001 - added a couple of sound clips from Regis & Kelly .. you may have to turn your volume up slightly as they are not as loud as the other clips on the page. (I won't bore you with the details but my technology is rebelling at the moment!!!). Anyway a few more will follow as requested by those who couldn't or didn't manage to catch the show :-)

30th August 2001 - added two more sound clips from Regis & Kelly. Updated the Filmography page with new film Deceived and also a more extensive synopsis for Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Added a *very* new POW. Thanks should go to James and also Misty and as always the ever helpful .. The Judd Oracle ;-) Also big thanks to Chris McIntire and the United Film Organization.

11th September 2001 - added POW or POW's this week!

20th September 2001 - added POW.

4th October 2001 - added POW and a new article (thanks Becky) plus updated the Filmography a little more.

18th October 2001 - added POW.

31st October 2001 - added POW.

9th November 2001 - added POW.

16th November 2001 - added POW.

23rd November 2001 - add POW (thanks James) and brief details of Judd's new film on the Filmography page (thanks to The Judd Oracle!).

6th December 2001 - added POW.

12th December 2001 - added POW and also a new article on the 'Articles On Judd' page called '2001 Interview From PGATOUR.COM'.

19th December 2001 - added POW ... and may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year :-)

21st December 2001 - added new article called '2001 ... about the film Cybermutt' on the 'Articles on Judd' page .. thanks to a good friend for passing it on to me :-)


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