The Transformers






Director - Nelson Shin and Lozo Morishita

Composer - Vince DiCola

Animator - Toei Animation Company

Editor - David Hankins

Producer - Joe Bacal and Tom Griffin

Special Effects - Masayuki Kawachi and Shoji Sato

Screenwriter - Flint Dille and Ron Friedman



Judd Nelson

Norman Alden

Jack Angel

Michael Bell

Gregg Berger

Susan Blu

Arthur Burghardt

Corey Burton

Roger C Carmel

Rege Cordic

Scatman Crothers

Peter Cullen

Bud Davis

Walter Edmiston

Paul Eiding

Ed Gilbert

Dan Gilvezan

Eric Idle

Buster Jones

Stan Jones

Casey Kasem

Chris Latta

David Mendenhall

Don Messick

John Moschitta

Leonard Nimoy

Hal Rayle

Clive Revill

Neil Ross

Robert Stack

Lionel Stander

Frank Welker

Orson Wells



A group of animated robotic heroes take on the evil Decepticons and their ally Unicron in The Transformers and The Transformers Movie. Judd Nelson voices the characters of Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime.