The Spiral Staircase






Executive Producers - Lance H Robbins & James Shavick & Edgar J Scherick

Co Producer - Amy Goldberg

Supervising Producer - Simon Abbott

Associate Producer - Dave Richardson

Casting - Julie Ashton Barson & Maureen Webb

Music - Yuval Ron

Writers - Ethel Lina White and Mel Dinelli



Judd Nelson

Nicolette Sheridan

Alex McArthur

Debbe Dunning

Holland Taylor

Christina Jastrzembska

Dolores Drake

David Storch

William McDonald



Remake of the 1946 thriller about a young mute nurse who works in a mansion filled with haunting secrets. Phillip (Judd Nelson) hires mute nurse (Nicolette Sheridan) to look after his dying mother. Steven (Alex McArthur) who is Phillip's troublesome brother returns home for a visit. When the occupants of the old mansion plus some guests are forced to spend a night together in the mansion because of bad weather murders begin to happen.