Tales From The Crypt






Paul Abascal & Gilbert Adler



Jon Kassir

Judd Nelson



Tales of horror based on the gruesome EC horror comics of the 1950's. The episode title is 'What's cookin'. Judd plays a drifter that cleans up a failing squid restaurant run by characters played by Bess Armstrong ("Jaws 3") and Christopher Reeve ("Superman"). Just when the restaurant is about to be shut down by their landlord played by Meatloaf ("Black Dog"), Judd's character suggests a certain 'BBQ' receipe he knows will have the customers coming back for more. Willing to try anything the owners agree to let Judd make his BBQ. The new receipe certainly brings the customers in however the couple soon find out the secret ingredient is their landlord! The fact that the landlord is played by "Meatloaf" is rather ironic wouldn't you say? Anyway Judd sends off a sort of character vibe much like the ones in his characters in "Steel" and "Circumstances Unknown." As usual Judd displays his talent of having range in the characters he can play. (synopsis sent by fellow Judd fan James).