Suddenly Susan - Season Two






Judd Nelson - Jack Richmond (owner of The Gate magazine)

Brooke Shields - Susan Keane (columnist with The Gate)

Barbara Barrie - Nana (Susan Keane's grandmother)

Kathy Griffin - Vicki Groener (reporter with The Gate)

Nestor Carbonell - Luis Rivera (photographer with The Gate)

David Strickland - Todd Stites (rock critic with The Gate)


Recurring Characters

Anthony Starke - Kip (Jack's brother)

Lisa Howard - Margo (Jack's wife)

Paul Cassell - Flip (Margo's brother)

Swoosie Kurtz - Liz Keane (Susan's mother) played originally by Caroline McWilliams

Ray Baker - Bill Keane (Susan's father) played originally by Kurt Fuller

Andrea Bendewald - Maddy Piper (investigative reporter at The Gate)

Albie Selznick - Ben Rubenstein (Vicky's husband)

Bill Stevenson - Pete (The Gate's gay mailman)

Nicole Nagel - Kate (Jack's girlfriend)



Warner Bros TV

Created - Clyde Phillips

Developed - Steven Peterman and Gary Dontzig

Executive Producer - Steven Peterman and Gary Dontzig

Co Executive Producer - Dan O'Shannon

Co Producer - Perry Rogers

Consulting Producer - Mimi Friedman and Jennette Collins

Producer - Frank Pace

Creative Consultant - Clyde Phillips and Marc Flanagan

Executive Story Editors - Rick Singer and Andrew Green and Linda Mathious and Heather MacGilvray and Maryanne Melloan

Associate Producer - Jean Zuhorski


23. I Love You, I Think

Jack finally tells Susan how he feels while standing on a runway with Susan in a plane about to fly out to Italy with Cooper. Susan gets back from holiday and tells Jack she doesn't feel the same.

24. Past Tense

Jack decides to get a new investigative reporter and is interested in Maddy Piper a school rival of Susan. Vicki is disturbed by the fact a past love doesn't remember her.

25. Truth and Consequences

Susan lets slip to Margo that Jack once spent a drunken night on her sofa. Margo interprets this has an affair so Susan is forced to testify about her feelings for Jack at his divorce hearing. Todd begs Luis to teach him to dance.

26. Next Stop, Heaven

Susan's grandfather dies prompting a dispute between Nana and Susan's mum. Jack becomes the owner of a dog he finds and calls Mo.

27. Susan's Minor Complication

Susan receives an expensive book from an admirer of her column which makes Jack jealous. Jack has Mo neutered much to Luis's horror. Todd is put in charge of The Gate's new website.

28. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Maddy World

Pete the mailman tells his partner he and Jack are an item Pete's partner Hank later challenges Jack at Susan's apartment. Susan seeks therapy over her feelings for Maddy. Vicki challenges Todd and Luis to boycott Seinfeld.

29. It's My Nana and I'll Cry If I Want To

Jack sells his car to Luis for a dollar but it ends up being blown up. Susan becomes jealous of Nana and Vicki's relationship. Todd's hippie parents turn up to announce his mum's pregnant.

30. A Kiss Before Dying - On Stage

Jack's divorce comes through and Maddy begins to flirt with him. Susan becomes attracted to the plumber who is also a bad aspiring actor. Vicki torments Todd over his claustrophobia. Guest appearance by Tony Bennett.

31. The Old And The Beautiful

Jack sends Luis on assignment with Maddy, giving him time to flirt with her. Susan volunteers at a retirement home and tries to heal a brotherly rift. Vicki and Todd become obsessed with the lottery. Guest appearances by Tim Conway and Harvey Korman and Rose Marie.

32. I Didn't Write This

Jack gets mad when Susan hands in an article and doesn't tell him Nana finished it. Vicki finds a wallet and falls for the owner a rabbi called Ben.

33. Yule Never Know

Jack volunteers the staff to sing Christmas carols and gets roped in. Jack is a terrible singer and while Susan is coaching him they nearly kiss but she pulls back. Later Susan goes to find Jack to follow through but sees Jack and Maddy kissing.

34. A Kiss Is Just Amiss

Jack is shunned by the office after Susan tells Vicki he kissed Maddy - Maddy cannot believe Jack is turning down her offer of sex without commitment. Vicki moves in with Susan while her apartment is rebuilt and tries to get Ben into a more physical relationship. Susan finally admits to Jack that she wants a relationship and he declines.

35. The Big Shalom

Jack, Todd and Luis head for Reno after deciding Luis in on a lucky roll. Susan sees a master healer who says her neck pain is down to being rejected by Jack. Vicki is convinced Ben wants to split but instead he wants her to go to Israel with him.

36. Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Luis and Todd compete for Vicki's job and in the end Jack lets them both go to a restaurant review and then has to bail them out after a food fight. Susan sets Nana up with Peter (Tony Curtis) but later finds out he is a cross dresser. Vicki finds life in Israel is not what she expected.

37. Car Trouble

Jack assigns Maddy and Susan to work together after Luis is refused a car rental because he is Cuban. Vicki returns home from Israel but is detained at customs.

38. Ready..Aim..Fong!

Jack rushes to give Luis his speech for an award he is to receive and ends up in a coma after a car crash. Todd and the gang attend a performance by Shawn Colvin (herself) but the singer recalls a scathing review he gave her earlier. Susan wings Mrs Fong with Maddy's gun after a break in.

39. Daddy Piper

Jack tries to decode a cryptic message he thinks was sent to him by god prompting a jealous response from Luis. Pete nurse maids Jack while he is in hospital. Maddy's father visits causing her emotional problems.

40. Not In This Life

Luis and Todd take Mo out for Jack following his accident and discover he is a good way of meeting woman. A stranger insists he knew Susan in a past life.

41. Models And Strippers And Wasps, Oh My!

Jack gets mad when Todd downloads a computer virus onto The Gate's computers. Susan expects a surprise 30th birthday party and gets one in the end.

42. Poetry In Notion

Jack moves Maddy into the lift after Maddy's office is flooded. Todd joins Susan at her poetry class. Vicki takes on an apartment which is apparently haunted by a womanizing ghost.

43. Pucker Up

Luis and Todd vie for the attention of the bottled water delivery girl and come up with novel ways to meet her - Jack ends up seeing her. Susan falls for a hockey player called Kenny and Ben comes home to Vicki.

44. 5,947 Miles

Susan dumps Kenny after he pampers her too much. Jack and Todd conspire to get Luis's mum into the country to cheer Luis up.

45. A Tale Of Two Pants - part 1

Congressman Francis Shafer drops his trousers at Susan after an interview for The Gate. Jack wants to print the story but leaves it up to Susan who decides the story should run after he drops his pants again. Shafer then goes on TV and accused Susan of lying. Vicki announces she and Ben are to get married at the same time as Pete announces he and Hank are getting married.

46. A Tale of Two Pants - part two

A TV reporter uses Susan's colleagues to make her look bad in the Shafer case. Jack's lawyer advises him to sack Susan but he stands by her. Susan receives a tip off and is given a tape which forces Shafer to admit he needs sex therapy. Pete offers to let Vicki get married in a double ceremony.

47. Oh, How They Danced - part one

Vicki & Ben and Pete & Hank prepare for their weddings. Jack will be Pete's best man. Vicki and her mum fall out. Susan and Jack introduce each other to dates - Jack likes his but Susan doesn't like hers. Todd tries to overcome his fear of water with the help of Luis because his parents are having a water birth. Maddy attends the wedding in the hope of seeing a past love but he has had a sex change. After everyone else leaves Jack sends his date home and dances with Susan. Guest appearances by Joan Rivers and Tom Smothers and Susan Ruttan.

48. Oh, How They Danced - part two

Jack and Susan end up back at Susan's place and are heading for the bedroom when Luis arrives seeking advice. After getting rid of Luis, and surviving an interruption from Vicki on the phone Todd arrives, Susan had said he could stay while his parents were in town but she'd forgotten so Jack ends up leaving. Guest appearances by Joan Rivers and Tom Smothers and Susan Ruttan.