Strange Frequency





Cast List

Judd Nelson

Christopher Kennedy Masterson

Eric Roberts

Brandy Ledford

Holland Taylor

Erik Palladino

Danny Masterson

Marla Sokoloff

John Taylor


"Stange Frequency" has a "Tales From The Crypt" feel with a rock n' roll twist. It is a compilation of four stories related to the dark side of the music industry. The stories are "My Generation", "Disco Inferno", "Room Service", and "More Than A Feeling". Each story is laced with dark humor and unhappy endings. Judd plays Marty Potter in the "More Than A Feeling" chapter of the film. Sporting the hair of John Bender and the goatee of Nick Peretti, Marty has a "gut feeling" for new talent. Marty gets incredible stomach pains every time he hears an artist that has the talent to be the next big thing. Though he is considered as one of the industries top dogs there is a down side to Marty's gift for music. Every artist he sends on to stardom encounters terrible tragedy shortly after they make it big. Marty gets to the point where he will do ANYTHING to keep someone else he discovers from a life of sure disaster. Once again Judd brilliantly creates another unique character and continues to prove his practically infinite range in the field of acting. (synposis thanks to Judd fan James!)