St Elmo's Fire






Director - Joel Schumacher

Art Director - William Sandell

Casting - Marci Liroff and Jennifer Shull

Costume Design - Susan Becker

Editor - Richard Marks

Composer - David Foster

Makeup - Rick Sharp

Production Design - James D Bissell

Cinematographer - Stephen H Burum and Jim Hovey

Production Manager - Ray Hartwick

Producer - Bernard Schwartz and Lauren Shuler and Ned Tanen

Set Decoration - Robert Gould and Charles M Graffeo

Special Effects - Peter Albiez

Screenwriter - Carl Kurlander and Joel Schumacher



Judd Nelson

Emilio Estevez

Andrew McCarthy

Demi Moore

Ally Sheedy

Rob Lowe

Mare Winningham

Martin Balsam

Andie MacDowell

Joyce Van Patten

Blake Clark

Jon Cutler

Gina Hecht

Anne Marie Horsford

Patrick Winningham

Andy Scott

Daniele Iraberen

Bennett Bowman

James Carrington

Kaaren Lee

Nora Meerbaum

Don Moss

Whip Hubley

Michele Winding

Jim Turner

Mario Machado

Judy Kain

Seth Jaffe

Jeffrey Lampert

Elizabeth Arlen

Scott Nemes

Bernadette Birkett

Vincent J Isaac

Dean Miller

Jamison Anders

Cindi Dietrich

David Lain Baker

Daniel Eden

Laurel Page

Thom Bierdz

JT Solomon

Jennifer Shull

Jenny Wright

Matthew Laurance



Another of the more well known 'Brat Pack' films of the 80's. This film focuses on seven post graduates. Philandering Alex (Judd Nelson) who works in politics and Leslie (Ally Sheedy) live together. Kevin (Andrew McCarthy) a newspaper writer loves Leslie. Wendy (Mare Willingham) loves Billy (Rob Lowe) who is married but separated and who can never hold down a job but loves music. Kirbo (Emilio Estevez) is a law student and dreams of an older flame and Jules (Demi Moore) does way too much of everything. The film follows the group has they attempt to get what they want.