Sex & Bullets






Director - Ruben Preuss

Writing Credits - James Harris



Judd Nelson

Paul Ben Victor

Christopher Berry

Rachel Bovino

Seymour Cassel

Sunda Croonquist

James Harris

Amy Hathaway

John Hoyt

Maureen McGovern

Marisa Ryan

Sal Viscuso

Joe Viterelli



Judd Nelson plays a hitman for hire who takes out a mob boss and then goes on the run with his partner. Judd Nelson plays the character Max.

Four twenty-somethings, two male roommates and two female roomates have nothing special going on or to look forward to in their lives, and through a comic sequence of events come to interact with each other, and with two hitmen (played by Judd & Seymour Cassel). The two hitmen are on the run after shooting the son of a mob boss (played by Joe Viterelli.)

* Film is also listed as The Cure For Boredom but it had a name change *