Santa Jr



November 30th 2002 on the Hallmark Channel


Executive Producer

Larry Levinson at Alpine Productions



 Steven W. Bridgewater

Brian Gordon

Dan Gross



Marc Hershon



Judd Nelson

George Wallace

Lauren Holly

Nick Stabile


The movie was filmed in San Diego during the middle of 2002! "Santa Jr." written by Marc Hershon, is a contemporary romantic romp pitting Santa's devilishly handsome twenty-something son (Nick Stabile, "Popular") against the grinches of holiday spirit. All the while, Santa Jr. suffers his own indignations, including being falsely incarcerated for breaking into homes and stealing Christmas presents. Christmas in southern California is put on hold until everyone - including Santa's son - learns what Christmas is really all about. Judd Nelson stars as Darryl Bedford, a San Diego plainclothes detective who is more than convinced that Chris Kringle is just another cleverly disguised cat burglar out to play his girlfriend - Kringle's lawyer (Holly) - for a fool. Synopsis taken with permission ... full details can be found at Nick Stabile is Santa Jr