Director - William Lustig

Editor - David Kern

Executive Producer - Lisa Hansen and Paul Hertzberg

Composer - Jay Chattaway

Production Design - Gene Abel

Cinematographer - James Lemmo

Producer - David Madden and Howard Smith

Set Design - Ann Job

Stunts - Spiro Razatos

Screenwriter - Jack T D Robinson and Phil Alden Robinson



Judd Nelson

Robert Loggia

Leo Rossi

Meg Foster

Patrick O'Bryan

Ken Lerner

Mindy Seeger

Angel Tompkins

Beau Starr

Harriet Hall

Frank Pesce

Ron Taylor

Roy Brocksmith

Lou Bonacki

Edward Bunker

Michael Francis Clarke

Nay K Dorsey

Joe Flood

George Buck Flower

George Gallo

John F Goff

Jon Greene

Paul Hertzberg

John Homa

Michael Leopard

William Lustig

Vic Manni

Armand Mastroianni

Brendan Ryan

Laura Tracy

Ingrid Van Dorn

Michael Weiner



Buck Taylor (Judd Nelson) fails to make the grade as an LA cop so goes on a killing spree as the 'Sunset Killer'. Buck commits a string of grotesque murders using his police training to cover his tracks ... the only clue he leaves are pages torn from a telephone book and victims that appear to have some how participated in their own deaths.