Primary Motive






Director - Daniel Adams

Art Director - Axel Werner

Costume Design - Julie Rae Engelsman

Editor - Jaki Carmody

Composer - John Cale

Production Design - Dan Yarhi

Cinematographer - John Drake

Producer - Don Carmody and Tom Gruenberg and Max Rosenberg and Richard Rosenberg

Set Design - Jacques Bradette

Screenwriter - Daniel Adams and William Snowden



Judd Nelson

Larry Ratso Sloman

Gerald Orange

Richard Jordan

Sally Kirkland

Justine Bateman

John Savage

Frank Converse

Joe Grifasi

Malachi Throne

John Bedford Lloyd

Veronike Ryke

Jennifer Youngs

George Rafferty

Daniel Adams

Patrick Floersheim

Tom Kemp

Jean Pierre Stewart

Maggie Wagner

Michael Morris

Les Clack



Political thriller in which an ambitious secretary discovers that the opposing political candidate has told terrible lies. Judd Nelson plays Andrew Blumenthal ... the idealistic young press secretary for candidate John Eastham who learns that their opponent Chris Poulas has fabricated every aspect of his background and hidden important and incriminating information. Through a maze of lies and betrayal Andrew learns that truth and loyalty don't get votes.