New Jack City






Director - Mario Van Peebles and Dwight Alonzo Williams

Art Director - Laura Brock and Barbara Matis

Associate Producer - James Bigwood and Suzanne Broderick and Dwight Williams

Casting - Pat Golden and John McCabe

Co-producer - Preston Holmes

Costume Design - Bernard Johnson

Editor - Steven Kemper

Composer - Michael Colombier

Makeup - Diana Hammond

Production Design - Charles C Bennett

Cinematographer - Francis Kenny

Producer - Fab Five Freddie and Doug McHenry and George Jackson

Set Design - Elaine O'Donnell

Screenwriter - Barry Michael Cooper and Thomas Lee Wright



Judd Nelson

Wesley Snipes

Ice T

Erik Kilpatrick

Allen Payne

Chris Rock

Mario Van Peebles

Michael Michele

Bill Nunn

Russell Wong

Bill Cobbs

Christopher Williams

Vanessa Williams

Tracy Camilla Johns

Anthony de Sando

Nick Ashford

Phyllis Stickney

Thalmus Rasulala

John Aprea

Flavor Flav

Clebert Ford

Laverne Hart


Gregg Smrz

Erica McFarquhar

Keith Sweat

Max Rabinowitz

Marcella Lowery

Manuel Santiago

Thelma Louise Carter

Linda Froehlich

Christopher Michael

Tiger Frederick

Rynel Johnson

Kelly Minter

Tina Lifford

Paul Raczkowski

Sekou Campbell

David Michael Golson

Garvin Holder

Leo O'Brien

Bobby Stancil

Teddy Riley

Aaron Hall

Damien Hall

Allen McNeil

Eddie Lavert

Ben Gottlieb

Kim Park

Fab 5 Freddie



The film is set in the roughest part of Harlem and centres on two no nonsense cops Nick Peretti and Scotty Appleton (Judd Nelson and Ice T) who want to stop a ruthless drugs lord (Wesley Snipes).