From The Hip






Director - Bob Clark

Art Director - Dennis Bradford

Associate Producer - Ken Heeley Ray

Costume Design - Clifford Capone

Editor - Stan Cole

Executive Producer - Howard Baldwin

Composer - Paul Zaza

Production Design - Michael Stringer

Cinematographer - Dante Spinotti

Producer - Rene Dupont and Brian Russell and Bob Clark

Set Design - Edward LeViseur and Tantar LeViseur

Screenwriter - David E Kelley and Bob Clark



Judd Nelson

Elizabeth Perkins

John Hurt

Darren McGavin

Dan Monahan

David Alan Grier

Nancy Marchand

Allan Arbus

Edward Winter

Richard Zobel

Ray Walston

Robert Irvin Elliott

Beatrice Winde

Art Hindle

Priscilla Pointer

Royce D Applegate

Robert Inman

Pearl Jones

David Fitzsimmons

Terry Loughlin

Jon Thompson

Lou Criscuolo

Everett Quinton

Robert Dickman

George Hall

Will Knickerbocker

H Richard Greene

Ed Grady

Meshach Taylor



Robin 'stormy' Weathers (Judd Nelson) is fresh out of law school and is hired by a law firm without ethics. Judiciary procedure gets shaken down to it's very foundation when this brash 25 year old takes on a case. Robin is assigned to a case he cannot possibly win. His client Douglas Benoit (John Hurt) is charged with murder and refuses to co-operate with Robin despite a looming death sentence.