Director - George Erschbamer

Associate Producer - Les Kimber

Casting - Carmen Ruiz Laza

Costume Design - David Lisle

Executive Producer - Bill Novodor

Composer - Hal Beckett

Production Design - Brian Davie

Cinematographer - Glen MacPherson

Production Manager - Les Kimber

Producer - Jeffrey Barmash and Murray Shostak



Judd Nelson

Frank Cassini

Marilyn Norry

Gina Gershon

Nick Mancuso

Andrew Airlie

Lawrence King Phillips

Alvin Sanders

Suzy Joachim

Ken Roberts

Frank Turner

Danielle Smith



Harry (Judd Nelson) and Daphne (Gina Gershon) fill in for mannequins at a clothing store and decide to watch what people do at night. What they see is a man strangling a woman to death in his car and soon the killer is after them. Harry is a rude .. street wise and small time former crook who is trying to go straight and who is studying to become a criminal lawyer!