Director - Kevin Reynolds

Art Director - Peter Smith

Associate Producer - Pat Kehoe and Barrie Osborne

Casting - Mary Goldberg

Costume Design - Michele Neely

Editor - Arthur Schmidt and Steve Semel

Executive Producer - Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall

Composer - Alan Silvestri

Makeup - Michael Hancock

Cinematographer - Thomas del Ruth

Producer - Tim Zinnemann

Set Decoration - Robert Zilliox

Special Effects - Lawrence James Cavanaugh

Stunts - Shane Dixon and Fred Lerner and Chuck Waters and Larry Holt

Screenwriter - Kevin Reynolds and James Big Boy Medlin



Judd Nelson

Don Brunner

Allen Keown

Kevin Costner

Sam Robards

Chuck Bush

Brian Cesak

Marvin J McIntyre

Suzy Amis

Glenne Headly

Pepe Serna

Robyn Rose

Stanley Grover

Jane A Johnston

Michael Maxwell Katz

Dana Halsted

Karl Wickman

Michael M Vendrell

Bill Warren

Bill Evridge

Margaret Nelson

Manley Adams

Ken Fagen

Bill Silver

Ben Graham

Jewel Watson

Elizabeth Daily



Five college roommates go on a last 'fandango' before they separate and get on with their lives in a time when the Vietnam war is still ongoing. Gardner (Kevin Costner) has extended his time at college and Kenneth (Sam Robards) has cancelled his wedding. Lester (Brian Cesak) loves to drink and Dorman (Chuck Bush) is devoted to existentialism. Phil (Judd Nelson) is a member of the ROTC.