Directed by

Andre Van Heerden


Writing Credits

Paul Lalonde

Peter Lalonde


Credited Cast

Judd Nelson .... Jack Jones

Michelle Nolden .... Smitty Turner

Deborah Odell .... Kara Walsh

Stewart Bick .... Emmett Shaw

Louis Gossett Jr. .... Col. David Garrett

Jefferson Mappin

Ramona Milano



Judd Nelson plays Jack Jones, a tech expert who is called upon to assist in sharing the un-identified signal with the world. Jack is faced with his greatest challenge in piecing together the mystery surrounding the signal and it's strange effects on everyone who listens to it. Louis Gossit Jr. masters the role of Colonel David Garret, the man behind the top-secret government project who discovers more than he bargained for after becoming trapped with the crazed team.

In DECEIVED, Judd Nelson plays the role of Jack Jones, a smart alec, hearing-impaired man torn between his envy and resentment for the rich and powerful. For the most part, he is a brilliant computer technician whose lust for life matches the dull stains on his wrinkled shirt. Under the employ of billionaire Emmett Shaw, owner of the space observatory, Jack's mission is simple: get in, hook up the satellite dishes, beam an incoming signal from deep space to a worldwide webcast and get out. Running into his ex-girlfriend is not part of the plan. Neither is the resurfacing of old feelings for her. When things start to go awry in the observatory and chaos ensues, Jack must choose between a passive route and one that will force him to confront his spiritual beliefs. Nelson, master of the underdog rebel, brings a vulnerability to this character that makes audiences want to root for him. (taken from Cloud Ten Pictures website)

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