Caroline At Midnight






Director - Scott McGinnis

Casting - Laura Schiff

Composer - Mark Snow

Production Design - Aaron Osborne

Cinematographer - Christian Sebaldt

Producer - Mike Elliot



Judd Nelson

Xander R Berkeley

Kirk Baily

Jay Baker

Caroline Barclay

Daniel Bardol

Greg Collins

Tim Daly

Zach Galligan

Hawthorne James

Paul Le Mat

Virginia Madsen

Ben Meyerson

Clayton Rohner

Mia Sara

Stacey Travis

Lewis Van Bergen

Doug Wert

Thomas F Wilson



Victoria is a dealer in a dangerous game. Playing into her hands is her husband Ray (Tim Daly) and his partner Phill Gallo (Judd Nelson) - two of the dirtiest cops on the force. Gunning for her is drugslord Prince (Virginia Madsen). Victoria falls in love with Jack a reporter who knows their secrets and could destroy them all.

*Also known as Someone's Watching*