Blue City






Director - Michelle Manning

Art Director - Richard J Lawrence

Costume Design - Dan Moore

Editor - James Miller and Ross Albert

Composer - Ry Cooder

Songwriter - Terry L Evans and Charles Bernstein and George Callins and Johnny Cash and Ry Cooder and Javier Escovedo and Bobby Knight and Tom Junior Morgan and Joe Read and Nino Rota

Makeup - Edouard Henriques III

Cinematographer - Steven Poster

Producer - William Hayward and Walter Hill and Anthony Jones and Robert Kenner

Set Design - Richard C Goddard

Special Effects - John R Elliott and Joseph P Mercurio

Screenwriter - Lukas Heller and Walter Hill



Judd Nelson

Ally Sheedy

David Caruso

Paul Winfield

Scott Wilson

Anita Morris

Luis Contreras

Julie Carmen

Allan Graf

Hank Woessner

Rex Ryon

Felix Nelson

William E Pugh

Sam Whipple

Paddi Edwards

Rick Hurst

Lincoln Simonds

Vaughn Jelks

Roxanne Tunis

Roberto Contreras

Tom Junior Morgan

Joe Read

George Callins

John Evans

David Crowley

Tom Tiny Lister Jr

Kenneth Lloyd



A wisecracking drifter named Billy Turner (Judd Nelson) returns home to find his father murdered. The drifter swears to avenge his father and starts to investigate the death.