Blackwater Trail






Director - Ian Barry

Casting - Maura Fay

Editor - Tim Wellburn

Musical Director - Paul Brincat

Songwriter - Stephen Rae

Cinematographer - John Stokes

Producer - Chris Brown and Victor Glynn and John Sexton



Judd Nelson

Brett Climo

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick

Mark Lee

Peter Phelps

Rowena Wallace

Dee Smart



Thriller set in Queensland. Writer Matt Curran (Judd Nelson) returns from LA to Michelton - his home town to attend his best friend's funeral. At the funeral he sees Cathy the sister of Andy his late friend and also his ex love who doesn't believe a suicide verdict on her brother. Cathy believes Andy was murdered because he knew too much and Matt finds himself in the middle of a manhunt for a serial killer.